Making a Good ImpressionIf you want buyers to be interested in your home, you need to show it in its best light. A good first impression can influence a buyer both emotionally and visually, thus prompting them to make an offer. In addition, what the buyer first sees is what they think of when they consider making an offer.

A bad first impression can dissuade a potential buyer. Don’t show your property until it’s all fixed up. You do not want to give buyers the chance to use the negative first impression they have as means of negotiation.

Ask around for the opinions others have of your home. Real estate agents who see houses every day can give solid advice on what needs to be done. Consider what architects or landscape designers have to say. What you need are objective opinions, and it’s sometimes hard to separate the personal and emotional ties you have for the home from the property itself.

Typically, there are some general fix-ups that need to be done both outside and on the inside. As a seller, you should consider the following:

Curb Appeal

  • Landscaping – Have the front yard and gardens been maintained and in good condition?
  • Driveway – Is your driveway cluttered with toys, tools, trash, or debris?
  • Painting – Is the paint peeling or stain worn? Are the sills rotted or needing a touch-up?
  • Porch/Deck – Is it clear of toys and debris? Is the wood rotted or the bricks deteriorating?

Interior Staging

  • Hire a Professional Cleaner – They will see things you do not. This may be the most important thing you can do!
  • Depersonalize and Declutter – First impressions are essential
  • Carpets – Do carpets have stains or look old and dirty?
  • Pets – Is the kitty litter clean? Is the dog shedding on the couch?
  • Closets – Clean them out or par down as buyers are always looking for closet space
  • Painting – A quick fresh neutral coat can brighten the home, make it look new again
  • Kitchen – Clear off counters and table
  • Bathrooms – Re-caulk as needed around the tub; scrub the tile

Ask your Accurety, LLC Realtor for the National Association of Realtors “Getting it Sold. Your Resource for Staging, Curb Appeal, and Selling Success” brochure for more information on selling your home faster and with less hassle.