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Jonathan Blass

Real Estate Sales Associate | REALTOR®
Jonathan Blass
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    Jonathan has represented me for six years. Most recently he represented me in a lengthy "Short Sale", persevering through multiple seller's changes and lien holders that allowed me to acquire the property at a very reasonable price. He has always professional and responsive, and he will represent me in the future.

    Robert M. Beverly, MA

    Our experience with Jon began with purchasing a residence that our son would occupy while attending college. His knowledge of the city was impressive to say the least, and it was supremely helpful in narrowing down the areas we wanted to look at. He is also a techno-gadget freak - and I mean that in a good way! (secretly jealous) - During many of our times together, he was able to multi-task b/t clients’ needs, and yet we never felt like he wasn't giving us his undivided attention. That's how I figured out how he got back to US so quickly! He even shot a video of a home I found online and put it on YouTube so we could view it from where we lived 3 hours away. After our purchase, we decided to put in new windows, and Jon was there, with a name. Later when the association talked about a new roof, I called Jon - and there was a name and number. He is completely connected and knows all the right people - a veritable walking Angies' List. Our son is in his last year of college, and when we're ready to put the condo on the market, we wouldn't call anyone BUT Jonathan.

    Paula & Alan P.

    I bought my first house with Jonathan. He was a great resource for my wife and I. Jonathan was very patient through our searching. That patience and dedication allowed us to find the right place at the right price. His experience was of great need for us as we had no knowledge of the housing market back then, but he made things easy to comprehend. Since then, I have become a Branch Manager and have met many Real Estate agents and I can honestly say that Jonathan stands out in the field. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a veteran, Jonathan is the guy for you. Thanks a lot, Jonathan!

    Juan A.

    I worked with Jonathan a little over a year ago, and he helped me purchase my first home. Not knowing quite what I was looking for, Jonathan took the time to show me every property that met my requirements and was even willing to show me properties that I had found on my own. Jonathan was extremely patient with me being a first-time buyer, he took the time to explain the entire process of making the purchase. Working with Jonathan was a complete pleasure! I would recommend Jonathan Blass to anyone I know who is looking to move, and when I decide to move out of the home I am now, I will absolutely be using Jonathan Blass again.

    Taylor L.

    Jon has been an extremely valuable asset to my business. For the last four years he's been my go-to buyer's agent on the north shore when looking for investment property suited to my niche. Beyond just responding quickly to my inquiries, he keeps me ahead of the competition with perfect recommendations of the best listings on the market. If professionalism and expertise are what you expect from your agent, you can count on Jon to deliver.

    David N.

    Jon spent 6 months with us on our home search. Being a first-time home buyer we did not know much about the market or the whole process. We wanted to be in two specific towns and as soon as a house came on the market, he could get us in the same day or next day prior to the open house. We lost many houses (to other bidders) but he was very patient with us and continued to work. He also could walk us through a house and give us a ballpark on what repairs could cost (windows etc.). Finally, we found a house we both loved, and he gave us guidelines on what to with the offer to give us a better shot over other bidders. We got the house and happy to work with Jon again.

    Scott & Amy Baver